Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Badly Needed Vacation

It's been quite a year for us. Although we took a two week trip to the Dakotas in August, it was to see family and that really doesn't count as a vacation. Even if we took the RV and spent an extra day going and coming home, it still doesn't count in my book.
Hubby wanted to take 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS??!!! OMG I talked him into 3. I just wasn't comfortable with four. We are two weeks and a day into it and I could see us doing 4 now (that's only because we are so close to the east coast that it would be nice to take a few days and go there) but once in awhile I get the antsies to get home. Seriously I am losing a month of my 'life'. I'm missing all my mums bloom, getting lettuce planted, dividing and replanting a bunch of my perennials that need it. And just life at home in general. Don't get me wrong. I love traveling and exploring this country so who knows, maybe we'll go farther next time. Upstate NY is calling us too. At least fall will be waiting for us when we return home. It never shows up till nearly Thanksgiving. And speaking of fall.....

Where is your color Ohio? It's been too warm and dry they say.

You had to look real hard to find some. By our last day I found a tree whose helicopters had turned red and a few leaves were beginning to.

We spent a glorious week in the middle of Amish country of Ohio. We stayed in Coshocton which is a very cool place. The historic Village of Roscoe was visited quite a bit. (great food) We took a ride down part of the Ohio-Erie canal by two horses pulling our canal boat. They had remnants of Lock 27 for our viewing pleasure and another, I think 26. So, so cool. We love history and it turned out to be the best place to stay in the area. Made us have to drive through the winding country roads to get to the heart of the Amish. A lot of barns! Lots of buggies!

I pasted this couple in. How did I do on the shadow? Believable? I used Leonardo and DistressedFx.

To be continued.......

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pumpkins on the Patio

 Seriously, you just can't beat a photo from a good dslr camera. Now mine is nearly 7 years old and I truly wish it would wifi to my computer. (Am I lazy, or what?)
I finally had a creative burst and played all day with my pumpkins on the patio. The BIG motivator was the very old step ladder that found it's way to my car before anyone could take it to the dumpster. It had belonged to my in-laws. So did the tiny metal stool that showed up on their porch a few years back. I have been drooling over that little baby ever since. I thought one of the legs was broken off but turned out it was just bent under. Besides, it was pink! (Oh, the little things that thrill my heart!)
Of course I started out taking photos with the phone but you know how the focal length can distort the edges unless you back up and crop. Then your file size is smaller. So I figured if I was going to this much work I needed to pull out the big gun.

iPhone, Mextures
I started out simple, then kept adding things.

Next, it was time for no orange!

Then back to simplicity.

(Presets used on these photos were Kim Klassen's Autumnal Collection with variations.)

I didn't realize how many more I took with my phone than the Canon. I'll have to do another post with those.
And lastly, a photo of the big picture...

Are you getting into the mood for fall yet?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mobile Art Monday No. 57

If you've never picked up a copy of Somerset Digital Studio Magazine, the current issue would be a great one to grab. It is the first of several issues that I hope to have my art featured in. I wrote a feature article titled Digital Mobile Watercolor explaining the steps I use to create some of my work. (I did add some textures from Stackables on the pumpkins at the end.)

I've also uploaded a video I recorded in iColorama showing this poppy edit in progress.

One thing you'll notice is that I constantly use the undo button as I try out different brushes.

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Old Self

By 10:30 Monday morning I had:
Baked 18 banana oat muffins. 
Baked a pan of healthy seed filled bars.
Had a pot of tomatoes etc simmering on the stove for spaghetti sauce. 
Had a small pot of homemade tomato soup simmering for lunch.
Chopped up a bag full of tomatoes for the freezer.
Watched several videos for a class on making canvas backgrounds.
Washed and folded two loads of laundry. 

Oh, and I stopped to take this selfie. Five tries with the the timer and finally removing items from behind me. 
By the afternoon I had:
Made it to two grocery stores, two banks, Home Depot, the post office, back to the house for my lunch soup, THREE trips to the office, painted 1 large backdrop, 1 medium sized and a gorgeous piece of linen.

For the first time in awhile I feel like my old productive self!
The key is not to go near any mobile devices or computers first thing in the morning. Ha! Ha! Ha!
(So true though)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Painting a Backdrop

I have owned this iPhone 7+ for many months and never even once tried out the Time Lapse feature. Shame on me. I could have been having so much fun. I decided to try it on my painting endeavors yesterday. This was my first coat of flat black. After that, I added a coat of watered down chalk board paint. Now I guess I better go buy some chalk!
I'll be using it for a backdrop for some fall photography, probably featuring pumpkins since some are already needing picking.

This is what the back side looked like.
Hmmmmm..... This could be interesting.