Monday, January 23, 2017

Mobile Art Monday No. 53

While playing around in iColorama this week I discovered an interesting thing and just have to share!
Here is my workflow for this piece.

Like most of my edits I start in Snapseed for initial adjustments like Exposure, Ambiance and Tonal Contrast.
At this point I had only made the crop to use on it's own (which I did) but ended up using it in this edit later.

I imported the portrait format image into iColorama.
Style>Coherence>Preset 1 with opacity reduced about 50%. Check Apply.

Style>Tensor 5/5. This is what it looked like before changing any settings.

I chose the photo option at the bottom right To import the square Snapseed edit.
I adjusted the Amount slider all the way to the right which created an interesting offset mask. Saved to camera roll.

I then opened it in Stackables to get some color and texture in the image. (Download link for this formula is below.)

I felt like it was calling for some sketchy line drawing effects. Since I used the the square crop for the 'mask' I decided to use it also for the sketch. Back to iColorama.
Style>Edges Preset 1, reduced size for finer lines. Saved to camera roll.

I imported the Stackables edit and the sketch into Procreate to add in the sketch effect. The sketch layer was set to darken at 50%. It was chopped up into the separate flowers to get things lined up the way I wanted. A new layer was created to add more pencil lines to the piece. I saved this image to camera roll then imported it back in and set the blend mode to hard light and reduced the opacity to 61% for a more dramatic look.

Then in Snapseed I made a little tonal contrast. I have to decide if that tweak was worth it because I went from a 10MB png file from Procreate to a 2MB jpg from Snapseed. I'll have to consider this when I do some future printing.

Here is the link to the Coneflowers2017 Stackables formula. Check out the instructions at the end of Mobile Art Monday No.47 for adding formulas to your Stackables app.

Wishing everyone a great Mobile Art Monday!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mobile Art Monday No.52

The first edit for 2017...
I've spent a whole week cleaning out my 'studio'. Completely rearranged. Cleaned off shelves. Took stuff off walls. Hauled out three bags of trash. You can even see the 'whole' floor. It's so nice I don't want to mess it up. My still life shooting area is twice as big and I now have a wall to shoot against instead of a window. One big thing remaining is that I'd love to pull out the carpet and put down vinyl wood plank. But I don't need another project right now. My brain is fried. I was just thinking about how many decisions I have made in the past week. Everything I picked up had to go somewhere. I was making decisions every few seconds. No wonder that was so tiring. And the past couple days I've been culling photos from last month. After awhile you just say think "oh heck, keep 'em all." But after reclaiming space in the 'studio' I intend to reclaim space on my computer too. More about that later.
One thing I did while cleaning was take photos of all my dried weeds I've been collecting so I could throw most of them away. (That took a few hours.)
This is the first in my 'weeds series'.

I began layering and in Superimpose. The only downside to this app is you must merge the top layer into the bottom before adding any more. 

The upside of this app is that you can save (upload) your top layer if you've masked away the background and then 'download' it to reuse it again and again. Which is what I did with the hydrangea flowers.

 Next I opened Stackables to add one of my formulas.

 Then in iColorama, under Sketch, I used the image before texturing to get this line drawing.

I opened the two images in Procreate to blend the sketch over the textured image. The blend mode was set to multiply and slightly skewed for effect. I usually don't use procreate for simple 2 layer blending but I wanted to try some hand drawing on it. I wasn't impressed with anything I tried this time.

At this point I opened it in Retouch to eliminate a couple stems that I should have taken care of earlier, resulting in the finished piece.

Hope you're having a great Mobile Art Monday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Around the House at Christmas

I'm so impressed with this 24-70 lens I rented that I may just buy it. Oh yeah, I'm paying for a ton of dental work right now. Hmmmm, I can probably wait till my birthday. That would be a great way to celebrate and my mouth should be finished by then.
Here are a few I took around the house this holiday.
Not that these are anything special, but isn't that bokeh gorgeous? I never thought about using it as a 'macro' but looks like it will work for me.
f4.0 1/90sec

f4.0 1/25sec

f4.0 1/90sec

f4.5 1/90sec

Hope your holidays were fabulous!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Mobile Art Monday No. 51

It's a good thing to go through your images from the prior year.
1. To delete unnecessary space hogs.
2. For rekindling memories.
3. To see your progression throughout the year.
4. Take note of your experiments and why you may not have pursued them further.
5. Make a collection of favorites.

I like using Flipagram to make quick videos of such.
First I'll go through my iPad since that is where most of my editing is done and select all my favorite images for the year and put them in one album called "Best of 2016". After that I can easily just pull from that album to create other 'category' albums like 'still life'. This makes it so much quicker to pull images into Flipagram to create a slide show.
Later if I go through my phone I may come up with a whole new slide show of things I missed. (I must do this.)

Here are a few tips for using Flipagram.
You can format it to landscape, portrait or square.
To get a title on your first image, click the pencil icon to edit it.
To change sizes of images, go to edit also.
You can add music but I chose not to this year. If it's copyrighted and you post it to Social Media it may get removed.
By changing the speed you can see just how long your slide show will be. If posting to Instagram they must be 15 seconds or less. If longer it will just get cut off.
Even after saving your video you can go back and edit it and save another version.

Give Flipagram a try and if you have another app you like that does something similar I'd love to know about it. One thing I do not like is they leave their logo on every slide.

After trying to view this on my computer in Safari it said Flash was out of date. Updated, still not working. Opened in Firefox, it works but the quality sure stinks. Tried on my iPhone and it said the address is invalid for the videos. AUUGHHH! Guess I'll try and load to Youtube and try that.





Here's looking forward to another year of mobile edits.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Butter Cookies

When I was kid my favorite cookie in the world was Mom's recipe for Christmas cookies. They were not the typical however and I believed they were highly superior to all others. Of course that's what she told me. It didn't use regular sugar but powdered sugar and lots of butter. We made them thin and crispy.
I'll bet I've made them only once in the past 20 years because there are just other things that I prefer to get my sugar intake from at Christmas. But now that we have a little 4 1/2 year old that likes to help in the kitchen, this would be a good year to make them again.

I remind myself to lower my expectations when it comes to 4 1/2 year olds. We are all much happier in the end. She lasted through one pan and then was off to 'decorate' the house with all the stickers she got at school that day.

A few days later I pulled the remaining dough from the refrigerator.

 The 'lighter' version.
I must admit, these were a lot easier to eat.

The Recipe: