Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's Ok to Hate Hackers

Sometimes technology is just the biggest pain in the butt!

This week I paid for and downloaded an app called Prisma which a lot of folks were using on Instagram. There seemed to be several to pick from and this one actually had a price tag so I figured it was the one. Nope! But before I could download it I had to log in as usual with my Apple ID and this time it asked for my card security code for verification. That should have been my first clue. But it seemed that had happened before once or maybe to my hubby, so no alarms were particularly going off in my head. But then when I opened it and it was a stupid Hangman game I was a bit ticked. I immediately went and changed my Apple password, (I still want the old one back) then logged on to my credit card and changed the password there too. This time I set up alerts that will email me everytime a transaction is made. 
Well, 2 days later (today) I get an email that says there has been a recent login on my Twitter account from Chrome on Windows in Spain. AAAUUUGGGHHHHH! And all of a sudden I have 2 more emails stating new followers. So I go to change my password and see this luscious naked girl in my profile. And another in a tweet 'I' have sent. 
Understand, I don't even use twitter. I had one person I followed initially (Barb B.) and 1 follower. (Barb B.) Time to clean house. I thought about deleting the account and I may go back and do so but it was interesting that all of a sudden I was following 50 people. I'm sure they appreciate it. NOT. Makes me wonder if this is how I end up with some of the strange followers I have on Instagram. I usually block them but haven't lately. Perhaps it's time to clean house there too. I have nearly 1000 and when I hit it I will celebrate somehow. Perhaps a give away. But for now I will go and block a bunch of them. 
Here's how. Just go to your profile page. Click on Followers. Scroll through your list and if you see anyone questionable, click their name and it will take you to their page. If they look like someone you don't particularly want seeing your feed, click on the three dots up at the very top right hand corner and then chose Block User. It will ask you if you're sure, which is nice of them. and click yes!
This will take me awhile but I've been thinking about it for some time so I need to JUST DO IT!
I suppose if I was real smart I'd go change passwords on most of my important accounts. 

Guess I know what I'll be doing on my day off tomorrow. 
Stackables (formula coming soon).
Hope your Monday was good. Sometimes I just need to get these things off my chest and hopefully you'll be a little more aware because of what I shared.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 49

A Digital Mixed Media Piece
Today's purpose: Mostly to inspire with a tidbit of instruction here and there.
This piece was created using three photos(sunflower, bird and an oil can label for texture) and two vintage papers(the butterflies and text.)

My original photo was shot with the Hipstamatic app using two of my favorites, Tejas lens and Ina's 1982 film. (I cropped off the border.)

In Leonardo I layered the other images on top and began changing blend modes and masking away areas.
I inverted the text paper and set it to screen so the text would be white. I duplicated most of the layers and used two different blending modes to achieve desired results.

When happy, I saved to camera roll and opened it in Picfx.
Under the PFX Film Set I chose PFX10 and reduced the opacity. (Touch on the right side to pull up the opacity slider. You can also rotate the filters on the left.) Be sure to touch the 'layer+' icon to add additional layers.
Under the Scratches Set I added Scratches One at a very low opacity and Olden Texture also at a low opacity. 

At this point I opened it in Procreate to outline the bird slightly and add a few sublte touches to the butterflies.

For an experiment I thought I'd run it through Brushstroke and saved three of the edits. 

Another play with the three in Leonardo using different blend modes for a unique painterly effect.

I hope this inspires you to try some layering in your edits.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 48

I received some exciting news last week. I entered 2 mobile art competitions and got selected for both. Woohoo! (one has not gone public yet) Greenwich Workshop held an Instagram contest and I must say after reading the 'info' I wasn't sure I wanted to participate. Then the last day came and since there was not an entry fee I decided to tag a few images. Well, 'The Shovel' made it to the top 25. However to get to the top 10 the public gets to vote. (yee-haa) So I guess it comes down to how big a social media following you have or perhaps relatives. LOL Anyway if you'd be so inclined to vote for The Shovel go to this link. I surely appreciate it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm spending too much time on an edit if I don't think it'll get printed for sale. Then on the other hand I get a real kick out of seeing what all I can do with it. I have so many 'styles' that I like it's hard to stick with just one and not experiment. Besides, I've found myself a little bored lately so I need to get out of my comfort zone.

This was created using just one photo.  

But it was manipulated many different ways, then layered together in Leonardo and painted and drawn on in Procreate. Then later added textures in Stackables and I couldn't resist all the versions I'll show you at the end of this post.
I cloned out a few buds in Retouch, then 'painted' the background in Repix with the chalk brush.

I made a few different edits in iColorama saving each one. This was the first. 

I layered it in Leonardo with the previous edit to bring back in a little more color for the flowers.

Two more edits in iColorama...Style>Edges with the blend mode changed.

I decided to have a play with the brushes on the previous edit.  (Don't even ask what I did, I can't seem to repeat it.)

And on the above I pushed it one step further with Style>Triangle Preset 1.

These were all taken into Leonardo and masked, duplicated, blend modes changed, duplicated and enlarged individual flowers.... Then last of all into Procreate to add some ink lines to achieve my final result.

But wait, I always seem to have to try and add some textures in Stackables to see what happens.
The first is using the early version with just the Repix-ed background. I have to say this one is a favorite.

I love the softness of this one. It's a little more my taste than the brighter version.

This one reminded me of newsprint. So I added some.

 And I think I may try to 'color' this one in Procreate later.

This was not meant to be a step by step tutorial but I hope it inspires you to get creative with your iPhone photography. Have a great Mobile Art Monday!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Art and Expectations

Sometimes I try and convince myself not to expect to have my art noticed in a completion, that way I won't be disappointed. But on the other hand I believe you could 'speak those things that are not, as though they are'. Some call it the power of positive thinking. I know just believing doesn't exactly make it so, but I also believe there is power in believing.

I've been taking a class called Awake by Sebastian Michaels. It's been ongoing for 2 1/2 years now and it really has made a difference in my art and how and what I do about it these days.

But the point of this whole post is to say that I've recently entered 2 mobile competitions and made it into both. (The second one hasn't gone public yet.) But today Greenwich Workshop announced their top 25 on Instagram and this piece made it in. There will be 10 winners and to get there YOU the public have to vote me in. I don't mean to beg for votes (in fact I wish they would choose.) but if you are so inclined I would love a vote for 'The Shovel'. GreenwichVote
And you have a chance to win a print of the photo you voted for!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 47

I have two Stackables formulas for you today. The first I call Pods since I used it on my poppy pods.

Original (tweaked in Snapseed)

A grunge filter added in Snapseed. I love how it made the stems blend out toward the edge.

In Image Blender I added one of my own textures.

Then into Stackables for the finale.

I also used it on my freshly emerging yellow coneflower daisies. 

Original tweaked in Snapseed.

The second I call Antique. It's wonderful on still life shots. This is my original edited shot that I save the formula for.

It also worked great on my coneflowers.  (This was a formula in the app that I made adjustments to.)

And a landscape shot I thought worked good with it.

You can download the formulas for Pods here and Antique here.
 Save them to your Dropbox. 
Now on your device, open Dropbox and click the file. Use the 'Open in' option and choose Stackables. It will ask if you want to import the formula, tap 'Import'. 
You will find it under the 'formula' icon with the heart. Click the formula of choice on the right  to apply it. You can make further adjustments by clicking on the wrench icon on the lower right to make each layer editable.
Hope you had a great Mobile Art Monday yesterday and didn't have any firework mishaps.